Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ahh beverley stop it.... NorCal Pt3

Waking up on the carpet we all sat around and chatted about the previous nights messing and traded stories. Not sure if we were going to head south towards LA or not today we moved our conversations out onto the porch and subsequently chilled out there for 2 or 3 hours more than we should have. The conversation invariably went off topic until eventually someone rounded up the troops and made the decision we would stay another night! Decision made we chilled out for another hour to formulate a new plan!

Leaving the house we piled into the van and decided we would spin around downtown San Fran and pick up the general vibe of the place. The lads who had been living there for the summer advised us on the best spot to go to see the Golden Gate and gave us a few more suggestions for places to visit etc. Our first port of call was Lombard Street which is a very steep and windy street just outside of the city. Not sure what all the fuss was about we made our way there anyway! On the way it was pretty cool to travel around San Francisco's infamous steep and hilly streets getting some cool views of the city, the bay, and the surrounding area from the hill tops.

After scouting around this area of San Francisco for a time we eventually stumbled across lombard street. Not really convinced why there was so much fuss about it we winded our way downwards regardless.
Lombard St.

From here we then decided to make our way across the Golden Gate and see one of the most industrially acclaimed sights in America! Heading over the bridge this tune came on ( and suffice to say we went mad. Seven lads hopping  about in a car going nuts on the golden gate! Digs were thrown and jungle most certainly was massive. Possibly one of the funniest moments of the trip.

We also planned to make a stop to a village called Sausalito that had been recommended a visit by a friend in San Diego. Pitching up in Sausalito I thought it was a very cool spot. Someway comparable to Kinsale if your looking for a visual but there was a very 'artsy' feel to the place. A fairly picturesque residential community with gorgeous looking restaurants aplenty and a few yachts if your buying. It was here aswell that we saw a cool boat that looked like something a villain from a james bond movie would keep his secret base on!

kind of a submarine/secret base job

This town was north of the golden gate so from here we made our way towards the hills above. Apparently it was the best view of the bridge according to the lads! We wound our way uphill catching some cool views on the way up..

But it was onwards and upwards from here to the place the lads had told us about. It was a kind of abandoned type military bunker used in years previous. Some pretty cool ex-military occupied buildings and bases around we parked up and decided to do some exploring. Making our way around the old bunkers etc we came across a path to walk out to a lighthouse I think was called Point Bonita there was some pretty cool views to be had. It must be said the lads hit the nail on the head with this place, it truly was the best spot to get the bridge into view and take in everything else happening around the bridge, seeing the contrast between San Fran on one side and the Golden Gate national park on the other was fairly immense. This was the last picture we got before the camera went dead, which was a shame as I will explain later.

God awful picture I know but I am seriously proud of it.

Making our way back to the car with the above view in our sights we bumped into an old couple who said we should wait a while and head up to the hill with the missile cover and watch the sunset. Apparently sometimes if you're lucky when the sun sets that time of year there is a green flash just as it sets. They were from the area so we said we would trust them! We jumped up onto the missile dome thing and kicked back, relaxed and waited for the sun to set over the water recounting stories of the summer. The sun eventually set but there was no green flash, it was still fairly cool however what happened next was one of the most breathtaking things I have ever seen. After picking up our stuff after watching the sunset we made our way back up the hill to the car and just as we had gotten over the hill the view in the above picture was in front of us except the whole city was alight with the moon literally just hovering above to the left of the beam. I am finding it hard to put this into words but it was truly amazing. Going from seeing the sun set and the ocean being immersed in complete brightness to looking onto one of the world's most famous cities alive at night, the moon gliding above. 

Anyway enough of that gay shit. With that we jumped back into the car, span back to the lads gaf and drank cans because we are hard men who don't enjoy nature and views and stuff. Deciding we were going to hit for the south the morning after we relaxed ourselves back onto the porch for another night of procrastination and mindless yammer. Getting hungry later on we decided to go for a drive-thru in Jack in the Box (fast food restaurant) and the experience has put me off drive-thrus ever since. We ordered for 6 of us in the car and after a lot of shouting into the microphone trying to convey the order to yerone she eventually understood us. Up to the gate to pay anyway and everyone threw the needed amount that their food cost and that was grand. Then we went to collect the food and the Indian lady at the till only handed us over about half of the food we had ordered and paid for. Understandably we got annoyed however she was having none of it. After a minutes or so arguing things got pretty heated so she closed down the service window and locked it with a screwdriver. Me in the drivers seat I started hurling abuse and the lads voicing it from behind. Eventually we gave up hope and said we would go across the road to McDonalds to get food for whoever had been left short. So we ordered for 3 people and went up to the window, same story again! Left short on the food front. Tails between our legs we went back to the lads house. If there is a lesson to be taken from this though it's that if you are in Berkley, do not under any circumstances go to a drive thru! 

Waking up in the morning we packed our stuff and loaded up the van yet again, ready to head south. One of the lads we were with however needed to fly home early so he decided to hang on and get a greyhound bus to San Diego, collect his stuff and make his own way home! The first casualty of the road trip :( We chilled out for another bit saying good bye to the lads and having the chats.Best porch in the world

Hopping into the van we were ready to go but not before the lads landlord could have words though. Trying to charge us rent for sleeping on the floor! Donal stuck up for us though in what I will only the describe as the "ahhhh Beverly" incident and we got away clean enough! Santa Cruz ahoy.......


  1. I spent a summer in San Fran was absolutely class, golden gate bridge was ridiculously windy thought i was going to get blown away

    1. Savage spot! would love to have had a summer there, didnt get to see half enough in the 3 days we were there or get much of the hippie/liberal vibe that you associate with the place.. Where abouts did ya live when u were there!?

  2. Tell us more about the ahh beverley incident??